Meet Bette Nash, World’s Oldest Flight Attendant @80, Strong And Still Flying

Meet Bette Nash, the world’s oldest flight attendant. She is 80 and not yet tired.

In a world where most people feel pressured to work to make ends meet, chances are that not many love the jobs they do.

While the above is so it is also a fact some others really do love what they do. Bette Nash is an example of such people. Her story is in fact twice as encouraging because of her age.


With unfailing commitment, Bette Nash still loves and enjoys the same job that she has been doing for close to 60 years. She became a flight attendant in 1957 at age 21.

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In her words, she has seen more pilots as an air hostess for many years.

“The pilots come and go and retire and I keep staying here.”


In her interview with CNN she says that being an air hostess used to be a much more glamorous affair; which was what partially drew her to the profession where she has lasted for over 5 decades.

“She’s been at it for 59 years. To put it in perspective, Dwight Eisenhower was president when she first started working for Eastern Airlines, which is today known as American Airlines. She even served on a flight carrying the late first lady Jackie Kennedy.”The Huffington Post.


From the 50’s when she took up the job, till date, Bette has maintained same early morning routine. She wakes up as early as 2 am, then starts with her make up which she calls putting the “paint on the blank canvas of her face”.

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The glam lover does a good job at filling in her wrinkles, which makes her unbelievably smart and perhaps a bit younger while at work.

After that, she goes off to Reagan National Airport in Washington.


Bette who is not in a hurry to retire; says her job is pretty much her social life. According to her, she will be flying for as long as her health can carry.