Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Registers Milestone Successes In Court Trials

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, has been making notable successes in his trials.

First he is relieved of 6 out of 11 charges leveled by the Federal government. Presiding Justice Binta Nyako dismissed 6 charges against Kanu last week for lack of evidence.

Secondly, Nnamdi Kanu, on Tuesday defeated the federal government while suing for $800 million for damages and requesting an unconditional release.

During last year’s trial in November, the IPOB leader was accused of 11 charges ranging from “terrorism, treasonable felony, managing an unlawful society, publication of defamatory matter, illegal possession of firearms and improper importation of goods.”

Report confirms that charges 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 were dismissed for lack of proof to back the claims.

According to Channel’s report, these are the sentiments of Justice Nyako,

“Specifically in count 11, she said claims by the prosecution that the defendants are researching how to make Improvised Explosive Devices cannot hold waters, because there was no proof that they were doing it.”

“On count five which borders on belonging to an illegal organisation, Justice Nyako ruled that nothing was placed before the court to indicate that it was an illegal organisation.”

“On count seven which borders on importation of radio transmission equipment, Justice Nyako also said that the prosecution did not furnish the court with any proof to suggest that the importation was illegal.”

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The judge adjourned the matter till March 20 and 21 to commence trial of the defendants.

On the other hand, Tuesday was a day of jubilation for Pro-Biafrans and Kanu supporters.

Before now the FG has rebuffed both the ECOWAS and EU court to release Nnamdi Kanu.

Giving the inconsistencies in his case which has lingered for 2 years, IPOB took the case to ECOWAS court. They accused the FG of interfering and manipulating court rulings.

Consistently, the hearing at the ECOWAS court was delayed by the DSS and the federal government.

As fate would have it, the scheduled trial for Tuesday held and more significantly rekindled hope for Kanu supporters.

For “lack of merit” the presiding ECOWAS judge, Micah Wright-Williams, dismissed the application of the government to dismiss Kanu’s case. Their reason was because the case was already before the Federal High Court and the appeal court.

FG suggested that the Kanu’s application was an abuse of court process. In response to that, the ECOWAS court said it is their duty to attend to cases of human rights’ abuse as with the illegal detention of the IPOB leader.

As Kanu supporters welcome an air of hope, it is an obvious possibility that the FG may still ignore the ECOWAS ruling.

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On that note, Kaduna state senator, Shehu Sani, slammed the Nigerian government for refusing to respect the rulings from the ECOWAS court.

“Our track records of ignoring rulings of the ECOWAS court put our country in a bad light; it diminishes our status as a regional and continental moral and political authority.”

“We cannot host and fund such an institution and at the same time rubbish it.”

“At a time Africans are raising issues of selective justice by ICC in the Hague, it’s time to take our regional and continental courts seriously.”

“We should either comply with rulings of the ECOWAS court or opt to pull out of it.”

“Our leadership responsibilities in the continent of Africa should also include setting good examples in compliance to the rule of law as bitter as it may be to our other interests.”