Big Change Coming To Your Facebook News Feed

For one of the biggest tech companies out there, Facebook never seems content to rest on their oars. As such they have come up with another way to maximize user enjoyment. The company is making yet another change that will decide which posts will be displayed prominently in your Facebook news feed.

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Facebook announced on April 21 that it will start showing more posts that it thinks users are likely to spend more time reading. Two Facebook employees Moshe Blank and Jie Xu wrote in a blog post; “We’re learning that the time people choose to spend reading or watching content they clicked on from News Feed is an important signal that the story was interesting to them”.

Facebook News feed -blog

Their goal in this is to try and gauge which types of articles a specific user will find interesting so that it can display relevant content more prominently in its stream of updates. The changes will apply to Facebook Instant articles and stories displayed in Facebook’s mobile browser and load times will not have an effect on Facebook’s determination of how long a Facebook user spends reading an article that they come across on their Facebook news feed. Facebook also enthused that the change shouldn’t dramatically impact brands’ Pages, which could be a worry for the brands in question.

This comes after an earlier update in 2014 when the company said that it would start noting instances in which people navigated back to the News Feed immediately after clicking on an article in order to spot clickbait more easily. Facebook has also been testing larger changes to the News Feed’s appearance that would divide stories into categories, like sports and food.

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So after we have been granted the added expression of ‘reactions’, Facebook is still looking for ways to make your experience better, and a time may be upon us soon when every article you come across on your Facebook news feed will be something you can very easily appreciate.