2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

During the 2016 Nelson Mandela annual lecture in Pretoria, South Africa on Sunday, Bill Gates announced that his foundation is set to launch another $5 billion investment in the continent over the next 5 years.

Prior to the Nelson Mandela day celebration, Bill Gates delivered a lecture in honor of Africa’s renowned fallen hero, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

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While delivering the 2016 Nelson Mandela annual lecture, Bill gates noted that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had already invested over $9 billion in Africa. He says health is his priority.

Acknowledging Madiba’s personality and heart of gold, he charged South Africans especially to sacrifice 67 minutes of their time to help others.

Gates who is also in South Africa to participate in the global AIDS conference on July 18th, laid emphasis on the need not to give up the fight against the HIV virus. He remembers that Madiba while alive had supported campaigns to eradicate the HIV virus which claimed the life of his son in 2005.

Going further on, he says that if the world declines in innovating efficient ways to foster HIV treatment and prevention, then “the hard-earned gains made against HIV in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 15 years could actually be reversed”. He was particular about monitoring the virus with regards to the high birth rates in Africa.

“By 2050, 40 percent of the world’s children will live on this continent.”– Bill Gates, 2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture.

In his presentation, he commended Africa’s effort and improvement so far in the fight against HIV/AIDS. He says that unlike the past, about 6.8 million infected South Africans are on treatment.

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Digressing to matters of climate change, the world’s richest man, Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder had this to say:

“I get angry when I see that Africa is suffering the worst effects of climate change, although Africans had almost nothing to do with causing it.”

The 2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture by Bill Gates,  themed ‘Living Together’ also touched on other important global issues. The billionaire advocated for social pacts in the world that can help quell conflicts.

He also preached the need for nations to be more tolerant of each other; improvement and accessibility of healthcare and education; poverty alleviation and combating inequality.