Blade Runner Killer

Oscar Pistorius fell from grace in the world’s eye after he murdered his late girlfriend; Reeva Steenkamp. Prior to that horrific act, he had been one of the most admired athletes of our time and an inspiration in his own right and now he may just be known as the Blade Runner Killer.

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A movie is being made about the disgraced athletes life by Lifetime. It is called Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer and is due to premiere in the US on Nov. 11.

Oscar Pistorius’ family is unsurprisingly unhappy about the development considering that the plot of the film focuses on Steenkamp’s killing on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and the subsequent court case which ultimately found Pistorius guilty of murder. The family is therefore seeking legal action against the studio.

Carl Pistorius, Oscar’s brother, said that the family was not consulted during the production of the film and that the film is a “gross distortion of the findings of the court” and was not a “true reflection” of events.

Blade Runner Killer

The family of the late Reeva Steenkamp also said that they were “not approached or consulted at all, and did not participate or endorse the movie in any way.”

The former Paralympic and Olympic star athlete spent a long time claiming that he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder in his Pretoria home. The seven month-long televised trial followed by appeals, however, resulted in a guilty verdict and Oscar was sentenced to six years in prison.

If the Blade Runner Killer does premiere and is widely accepted then that part of his history will forever be accesible and almost impossible to run from.

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We are still unsure as to whether the family has watched the entire film in totality before seeking legal action but the family’s statement suggests they particularly object to the athlete’s description as having the “heart of a champion” and “mind of a killer” in the released trailer.

In their words;

“Oscar was subjected to a month long psychological evaluation which was insisted upon by the prosecution, at no stage was Oscar found to have the mind of a killer.”

Whatever comes out of this struggle by the family, one thing will forever remain true and that is that one reckless action can change a person’s life in unbelievable ways.