Blind Man, John Paul Davis Tries To Divorce Wife For Being Black

Sorry, what? Yes, it is true, a blind man named John Paul Davis did indeed file for a divorce from his wife of 32 years with claims that said wife hid her identity from him. Now you would be excused if shock or even a little anger is your reaction to this particular story you are about to read, you would also be excused for looking around your environment to make sure that we are still indeed in 2016 and have not time traveled back to a time and place where this would have been even half way reasonable.

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John Paul Davis went to court to file a divorce suit after he learnt that his wife is African-American. The 59 year old man leveled accusations that his 56 year old wife, Latoyah Johnson took advantage of his handicap to “dishonestly and fraudulently make him believe that she was Caucasian”.

John Paul Davis and wife

He insists that she was aware of the fact that he would never have accepted to marry her if he had been aware that she was black, making her to consciously hide her origins from him for more than three decades and went on to tell reporters;

“This perfidious and treacherous woman abused my generosity and good nature for more than 30 years, by pretending to be someone else…I only learned that she was black three weeks ago, when a friend told me. She let me believe during all these years that she was white, so she could profit from me. She’s a despicable fraud! She should be jailed for what she did!”

The woman who however refuted his claims and said she felt insulted by his accusations claims that she made no effort to hide her skin color and believed that he had been aware of it during those years. “I don’t think he ever actually asked me if I was black, but I was convinced that he knew,” she told the Texas Herald. “It’s not like I ever pretended to be white! And I’m the one who pays everything, who does his laundry and cooks for him… I don’t see how he can say that I took advantage of him. I’m the victim here… I’ve spent 32 years of my life, taking care of a racist jerk.”


Mr John Paul Davis’allegations understandably generated a lot of reaction from the audience in the courthouse and on social media and the controversial case which had it’s first hearing four days ago, is scheduled to appear in court again on April 25 2016 if the parties do not reach an improbable agreement, but prior to then we have some questions. Did they not speak to each other for 32 whole years? Was no family involved in their courtship and subsequent marriage? And seriously, is this 1947?

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