Boko Haram

Over 40 people have been reported dead in north-east Nigeria during an ambushe by militant Islamist group Boko Haram on Tuesday.

Report says some of the dead victims were soldiers, oil workers and University of Maiduguri staff.

To fight the menace, Nigerian army chiefs have been instructed by the acting President, Osinbajo to relocate to Borno State which is the insurgent’s stronghold.

Information following the military surveillance reveals that the insurgent group is gradually making a comeback to the infamous Sambisa forest. The military also noted that they had earlier bombed their hideout about 108 times between April and July, 2017.

Tuesday’s attack was carried out in Magumeri, Borno State.

The insurgents laid an ambush on their civilian targets who were coming from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). This is recorded as the deadliest of their attacks after the milestone success of the Nigerian army in defeating them.

As at now, no concrete narration explains what really happened during the Tuesday ambush.

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The Nigerian army before now, had recorded a massive success in defeating the menace group. The army foiled several attacks and launched successful counter-attacks on the terrorists, killing them and displacing them.

Boko Haram’s activities were almost brought down to a zero. However, there were still cases of foiled suicide bombing attempts and kidnap cases.

Crowning the success of the Nigerian government was the return of 80 Chibok girls a while ago. In 2014, the group made away with about 276 female students, using them as baits for their exploits.

Altogether, about 100 girls have returned to the country. Still, more women are still randomly kidnapped.

Since the group fully unleashed their mayhem on the West African country, an estimated 20, 000 Nigerian citizens have been killed, many others kidnapped and are still missing. About 2.6 million people from north-east Nigeria have been displaced.

It is not clear how many people that have been killed in the latest ambush. As death toll rises, a range of 50-60 dead victims have been quoted. It is suggested that the number may increase.

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A medical worker at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH) said:

“We have 19 bodies at the moment of civilians.”

“Fifteen of them were vigilantes (civilian militia), and four were staff from the university. They have been taken for burial.”

Initial reports stated that the abducted geologists and surveyors were rescued. A later report from the Maiduguri University countered the report.

Maiduguri University spokesman Dani Mamman said:

“We got the impression our staff on the team were rescued because that was what the military spokesman said yesterday,” 

“But we were shocked when we were given four dead bodies. This means it wasn’t a rescue. We still have other staff that are yet to be accounted for.”

The University is saying that no less than 5 members of staff, including 2 academics and a driver, were killed when the heavily armed convoy made its way back to Maiduguri, in north-east Nigeria.