Bugged By Frequent Visitors? Here Are Fantastic Solutions That Haven’t Crossed Your Mind!

Maybe you’ve suffered enough discomfort in the hands of uninvited and unannounced visitors. Just like myself, I have had enough of them. Its so discomforting when people in the name of friends and family barge into your home anytime they feel like without prior call or notice. Even the Christians’ Holy Book, the Bible bore witness to the annoying nature of frequent visitors and therefore advised in the book of proverbs that we should refrain from such habits. Unfortunately, some of these visitors do not, do not care to and will never understand how bad their behaviour is. Most of the times, we are even afraid to confront them to avoid offence.

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However, you need not worry anymore because every problem has got a solution, and I’ve got some very good and workable ones here. You know what? Among other factors, the situation of your house is one of the major reasons you have frequent and unannounced visitors. Through my numerous researches, I’ve come to discover that you can actually keep visitors at bay by the choosing a home in some peculiar areas like the ones you’ll see in the photos below.

Carve a niche for yourself in the cliff of a rock or mountain. This way, friends will think before coming to visit you



If you are scared of heights and you think the mountain is not such a good idea, just Get A Home on the Rocks, either in the desert or at the shores and Your Problems are solved. No heights, just stones and barren lands all the way.



Don’t like the funny look of stones, here’s a better idea. A fortified home in the midst of a flood is all you need to have some quite


Hills and valleys are the next perfect idea for that peace and quite that you’ve been craving, Isolated Homes. Perfect, isn’t it?






If you are not afraid of bushes and the likes, A Home in the Woods or Jungle is a Cool Option You’ll love. It’ll just be you and mother nature until you decide otherwise.




wooden hut

If the adamant visitors can brave mountains and bushes, then its time to step it up a notch into the middle of the sea! I’m afraid you won’t ever have visitors here, even when you invite them





Only one problem here, be sure you love water and beware of drowning. I’m very sure you’ll prefer disturbing visitors to losing your life



Many have applied this and it was a perfect solution to them. Do you think it is ridiculous? Please share your views and experiences.