Ethiopian Government Officially Invests In Sophisticated Automobile Productions

Ethiopia has been in the business of introducing her firsts in the world of technology. Ethiopia has launched her first ever manufacturing and assembling car plant in a military base in Mekele- Bushoftu Automative Industry (BAI).

Bushoftu Automative Industry is a light duty manufacturing plant. Cars produced at Bushoftu Automative Industry (BAI) will be for both international and local consumers.

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In 2014, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Transport, said there were only 587,400 vehicles on the roads. This confirmed that Ethiopia is one of the places with the lowest number of cars. The car plant will influence this fact over the coming years.

Bushoftu Automative Industry (BAI) is expected to generate an annual revenue of about $96 million. The government-owned plant will manufacture and assemble about 20-24 cars per day and an annual 10,000 – 20,000 vehicles in a year.

BAI will assemble and produce other forms of vehicles such as pickups, station wagons, single and double cabins, mini-trucks and even bicycles. Major Metafer Beshawhwured, the assistant general manager at BAI confirmed this in an interview.

Already it has manufactured and assembled over 210 buses to city bus enterprise, in the nation’s capital city, Addis Ababa. It is also working on an additional order for 350 buses.

According to Lieutenant Amanuel Tsegaye, Bushoftu Automative Industry is handling a contract from the United Nations. The international body employed their services to manufacture and assemble armored vehicles for its peace keeping mission in Africa.

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With the Bushoftu Automative Industry (BAI) up and running, Ethiopia is massively revealing her potentials. Their trend setting record in the world of aviation speaks for itself. With that success, Africa anticipates likely and better standards with the car plant.

Last year Rwandan President took a tour of the plant. Kenyan President Uhuru also did same. Both countries were impressed with BAI, that they independently signed contracts with the Ethiopian indigenous car plant. Kenya made an order for 400 BAI buses.

“As Ethiopia finds itself on the path of fast-tracked economic growth, such industries will be vital to sustain the economic gains being registered.”– Major Assefa Yohannes, General Manager, Ethiopian Power Engineering Industry.

It is also worthy to mention that there are plans underway to set up 27 more industrial zones under BAI in Ethiopia and beyond.

Bushoftu Automative Industry

Bushoftu Automative Industry

Bushoftu Automative Industry