From Button Stick To Treason, What Did Pastor Mawarire Do Wrong?

Zimbabweans have not gotten over the fact that the government claims Evan Mawarire stole a button stick, now it seems he faces a death penalty for acts of treason.

A warrant used to search pastor Mawarire’s home was published online.

The statement says, “Evan Mawarire is believed to be in possession of a stolen police helmet, button stick, and other subversive material.”

This led to an uproar on Zimbabwean twitter as Zimbabweans ridiculed the government’s misspelling of a Baton stick and even the wrong spelling of ‘government’.

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“So they were looking for the “buttonstick and the helmet which he used to “subvert the govt”. Zim govt – You are losers! @tafarab said.

“US$15 billion goes missing, no arrests. Button stick and helmet go missing immediate arrest ,”another user @YollandaLily said, referring to the missing money from Zimbabwe’s diamonds that went ‘missing’.

Another user @privilege_mufc who seemed to find the humor in the button stick saga posted a picture of a button being sewn on a stick.

button stick

The baton stick, helmet, and other things claimed to be stolen by Pastor Mawarire were reportedly not found. Many have pointed to it as just a tactic use by the government to rustle the opposition.

The Zim Eye has however reported that Mawarire faces a death penalty for ‘subverting’ the government through the planned Zim protests. Government subversion is seen as treason, and the penalty for treason is death.

From Button Stick To Treason, What Did Pastor Mawarire Do Wrong ?
Zimbabweans outside the court to show solidarity for This Flag originator, Evan Mawarire

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This would not be the first time the Zimbabwean government has attempted to silence opposing voices through the use of severe laws. In 2004, Morgan Tsavingrai, leader of the opposing Movement for Democratic change was charged with treason.