best value holiday destination

According to United Kingdom’s annual Post Office report, South Africa, courtesy of Cape Town, has been named the best value holiday destination for British tourists.

The report surveyed prices in 34 resorts and cities around the world.

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s finest locations. In fact it is one of the coolest spots ever in the entire world.

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Before now Bali has been top of the list. Bali occupied that position for 3 consecutive years until the price hikes set in this year. For the past 12 months it was noticed that the price of eating out in Bali sky-rocketed by over 50%.


Remember also that South Africa tops the list of cheapest countries in the world to live in.

When we say the “best value” for something, what naturally comes to your mind is getting services and goods that are somewhat commensurate to what you are paying. It means when you obtain quality services at affordable rates.


From the report it was noted that a collection of tourist items including drinks and meals was cheaper in South Africa than Bali. While it may cost an estimated £48.89 (R831) in South Africa, it costs about (£62.56) in Bali. Compared to Bali, tourist prices are now 28% higher than the rate in SA’s, Cape town.

Bali however is still 2nd on the list of best value destinations in the world; Tokyo was ranked third (£63.87), followed by Kenya’s Mombasa coastline (£69.41) and Colombo, Sri Lanka (£70.61).

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Logically, tourists from countries whose currency has a higher purchasing power, have a sense of cheaper cost of living in another country with a lower purchasing parity.

In addition to being the World’s best value holiday destination for British tourists, there are a whole lot of interesting pastimes to make you love Cape Town.