Holy Land

Are you simply proudly Christian or have you even already attained the great honor and privilege of being a Jerusalem pilgrim and are currently searching for the next best way to be inspired by a spiritual or religious atmosphere that takes you back to beauty of experiencing things you have read and studied in the bible? Well we may have your answer in the form of Holy Land.

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Tierra Santa (the Holy land) is the world’s first religious theme park, situated in Argentina, dedicated to the key moments in the life of Christ and it features quite a number of bible themed attractions.

Depictions of the crucifixion, a 20-minute show called ‘Genesis’ where an animatronic Adam and Eve and a Noah’s ark of animals tell the story of the creation of the universe, life-size statues of leading religious figures, including Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II and even a miniature model of the Last Supper and a giant Jesus.

Holy Land

The Holy Land which has been referred to as Christianity’s answer to Disneyworld opened a full 15 years ago. It was the period when Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, the first Latin American pontiff, was the local Archbishop.

The chief attraction has been fingered as the ‘Resurrection’ where hundreds of visitors watch a 12-metre high statue of Jesus rise to a sound track by Handel from behind a tall rock. In essence, you could watch the son of God rise more regularly than the actual sun.

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However, the Holy Land is not all Christian attractions as there also exists a place for Judaism and Islam, in what some describe as an inclusive atmosphere. So do you think Christ rising from a mountain every half hour will put you in the right frame of mind to appreciate His sacrifice more, or would Holy Land be too much of an act for you?