Child Sacrifice Believed To Bring Good Luck In Uganda Elections

Human/blood rituals is not new in Africa; it was originally a traditional African religious practice but till the coming of White missionaries, they lost their taste and value. Blood rituals in Africa today is officially a crime because everyone has the right to life; and that is why it beats the imagination how anyone, surprisingly people who are enlightened could be big time patronizers of this barbaric act.

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After the much anticipated Ugandan elections which launched President Yoweri Museveni into a 5th term in office, there has been reports from the anti-trafficking task force that several children were reported missing during the election period. Shelin Kasozi, founder of Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) concurs with the report, saying that cases of human/blood rituals and children sacrifices at such a politically heated time as the elections were commonplace in certain parts of the country as it is believed that blood sacrifices ‘bring wealth and power’.

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Kyampisi Childcare Ministries is a charity organization that dedicates its services to the victims and survivors of attempted child sacrifice. In 4 months (October-February), there has been visible evidence from the anti-trafficking agency and the charity home revealing mutilation and murder of children in the Ssembabule, Mukono, Buikwe and Mubende districts in central Uganda.

Moses Binoga, a co-ordinator of the anti-trafficking task force says about “seven child and six adult sacrifice cases were reported in the country in 2015, compared to nine child and four adult sacrifice cases reported in 2014”. –Reuters

History also records that prior to the 2015 elections in Tanzania, it was noticed that there was a thundering increase in ritual attacks, most probably in the bid for politicians to achieve their political aim. It is so sad and unbelievable that the government/politicians who should be protecting the citizens indulge in the dastard act of brutal murder in the guise of Child sacrifice.

According to the report, suspected culprits have been apprehended and about to be prosecuted. We only hope justice will truly be served.

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