China Introduces A Land Airbus That Will Drive Over Cars During Traffic

Some countries of the world have taken very surprising paths in technological creations. It always sounds weird till it’s done and becomes a reality.

As India buckles up to launch her first ever underwater bullet train, so also is the world stunned at the proposed Chinese Hover bus.

One major social feature of this invention is that it is high enough that cars can pass under it while in traffic. 3 years ago this bus initiative came up but fizzled out. China appears to be much more prepared to pursue this transit interest.

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Top engineering and shipping firm in China, TBS have taken up the course of bringing the proposed Chinese hover bus to life. The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is a form of subway on land. Just that this time there will be no need to dig tunnels for it.

Many have wondered about the safety of launching such on the roads. Some also wonder about the fate of the soon-to-be installed Chinese hover bus when there are trucks and bigger vehicles on the road. Many on the other hand also think that this will be a practical remedy to the traffic issues in China.

A simulated model of the Chinese Hover bus has already been exhibited at the China Beijing High-Tech-Expo. It has a passenger capacity of 1,200. The tram-bus hybrid will be powered by electricity with fitted rails on the roads. The invention is eco-friendly as there will be solar panels fixed on the roof of the vehicle.

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For a more practical test run, the Chinese hover bus will commence operations from the second half of the year in Qinhuangdao city. It is believed that this tech-transit invention will be a suitable alternative to the subways. It is easier and cheaper to obtain than the original railway system.

Chinese Hover Bus