Chris Kirubi: Africa’s Multi-Millionaire Who Was Once A Poor Orphan

Chris Kirubi is a Kenyan business mogul, multi-millionaire and philanthropist. Chris’ prominent career took of when he worked with government-owned Kenatco transportation company as an administrator. The self-made international Kenyan business mogul has exerted his business interests in investment, manufacturing and media companies.

As a child, Chris Kirubi had a very poor background. To worsen the situation, both parents died, making him an orphan. At a young age, he automatically became the bread-winner of the family, catering for his siblings. Nevertheless he never forgets to mention that he was lucky enough to have people who supported his education.

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With a resilient spirit, he had to work and school at the same time. He finally made it through school, after which he became a salesperson for Shell- “selling and repairing gas cylinders.” for a meagre pay. After working in a couple of private establishments. Chris Kirubi also worked with the government in the 70’s.

Later, the tenacious entrepreneur kicked off a sole enterprise venture by acquiring dilapidated structures, renovated them and either rented or sold them to interested clients. Currently he still owns and runs a property management company-International House Limited (IHL); he is the chairman of Harco Tiger Brand and CapitalFM.

Obtaining loans and financial assistance from Kenyan financial institutions, the advocate of self employment also purchased several landed properties and developed them for residential and commercial purposes. In no distant time he was a renowned figure in Kenya’s real estate and development sector. This line of business jetted him off into resounding affluence.

Chris-Kirubi 3

With an estimated worth of $300 million, Chris Kirubi is one of the richest stockholders in Kenya. Successfully he delved into a number of assorted businesses except for the paint business venture. Chris considers his failed attempt in that sector as an opportunity to learn and become better.

“You fail, you get up and you walk. You move on… success comes in small doses”- Chris Kirubi

Having the likes of Richard Branson and Donald Trump as international mentors, Chris is a lover of development and transformation. In the same vein he nurses the passionate dream of a better Kenya- economically and other wise. This attribute made him one of the Kenya 2030 policy makers.

“My success is Kenya’s success. I have lots of people working for me in the various companies I have. From being poor, I am now a job creator, creating lives for other people.”

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