Clean food

Genetically modified meat and other lab-grown foods are not an uncommon concept. Most people do not like the thought of their food, especially meat, being helped along by scientific modifications and lab-grown meats are even worse considering they are grown completely in the lab, but what is clean food and is it something we should get behind?

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Clean food is a term you may not have heard before and for good reason. Clean food is the new name that proponents of lab-grown foods are proposing for the cultured and lab-grown foods.

It is all really an attempt to change perceptions about these types of food. New businesses who are beginning to carry these cultured meat but understand the public’s distrust of terms like lab-grown or genetically-modified are trying to get around the discomfort by pushing for them to go by a new name; clean food.

Clean food

Paul Shapiro, a top leader at Humane Society of the United States and author of a forthcoming book on the subject puts the need behind the push this way:

“It’s important because words matter in how we describe something, makes a big difference…You can only make a first impression once.”

The industry hopes that by uniting around this terminology, they can better communicate to people the reason behind their products rather than continuously reminding them of the processes taken to deliver them to their kitchens.

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Their move is backed by research which suggests that the biggest influence on a person’s opinion of a particular food is how they “expect” it will taste. Lab-grown food just does not give people delicious expectations, it brings on thoughts of test tubes and terrible experiments.

Clean food

Considering these foods are becoming more common by the day, there is no better time to introduce the terminology. Clean food certainly sounds more enticing than lab-grown meat but if we already know what it is, will the name change really matter.