Crude Oil Theft: Nigeria Is Looking To Germany For Help

Nigeria’s President Buhari is looking to Germany to solve the rampant cases of crude oil theft in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

The President wants Germany’s assistance in areas such as the provision of equipment, training and sharing of intelligence with the Nigerian Navy.

The President said that although the insecurity in north-eastern Nigeria caused by Boko Haram has been largely defeated, the insecurities in the Niger Delta is dire and needs immediate assistance.

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Unlike the Boko Haram insurgency, the presidency is unaware of how many Niger Delta militant groups are operating, as well as their agenda.  He, however, stated that measures were being taken to curb this barrier.

He said:

“We are trying to speak with the Niger Delta leaders to know how many groups are there, and we are also working with the oil companies.

“The militants engage in sophisticated sabotage, using skills they had gained from training either by government or the oil companies to vandalise installations deep in the sea.

“We need to understand who the real agitators are, and engage with them so that confidence can be restored in the region.”

Crude Oil Theft: Nigeria Is Looking To Germany For Help

President Buhari is nonetheless positive that the situation in the Niger Delta will be solved, however, he recognized that he will need Germany’s assistance to solve it swiftly.

President Buhari’s call for Germany’s assistance in tackling crude oil theft was made during a call from the Foreign Minister of Germany, Dr. Frank-Walters Steinmeier to the President, the president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity confirmed.

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Minister Steinmeier was allegedly appreciative of the achievements of the Buhari administration, specifically applauding his war on corruption. He added that the European country is looking forward to assisting Nigeria in putting an end to the militancy in the Niger Delta region.

“We want closer cooperation on migration issues, urbanisation and supporting the navy with equipment, training, and intelligence.”

The Foreign Minister additionally stated that Germany is seeking to invest in renewable energy, gas exploration, mining, among others, to boost the western African country’s economy.