Does The Way You Cut A Vegetable Impact The Taste?

Slicing, dicing or grating; does the way you cut a vegetable really have any impact whatsoever on its taste?

Does preparing your vegetables with fancy—or not-so-fancy—knife work really affect the way they taste?

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We understand if you think it does not, after all it is really just shapes and sizes right?

Not according to a recent story from NPR however which shows that both chefs and food scientists (who should know the most about food) agree that the way we cut a vegetable has an impact on its final flavor, and the reason why can be explained with a bit of chemistry.

cut a vegetable

So here is the science lesson behind how you cut your vegetables. First of all, we are made to understand that the chemical makeup of a piece of produce is what determines its taste or flavor.

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When a vegetable is crushed or sliced open, the cells rupture and release enzymes which trigger a chemical reaction that will then take the form of a pleasant taste or aroma.

cut a vegetable

A number of factors therefore come into play in considerations of how you cut a vegetable. For one, surface area (the part of the vegetable able to come in contact with other ingredients) will affect the flavor.

Grating a carrot, for instance, would give a greater surface area than chopping. More finely cut vegetables will react more with other ingredients.

cut a vegetable

The article by NPR goes indepthly into various views on why exactly the way you cut a vegetable impacts the final flavor and they consider things like;

  • Cut affects texture, which some food experts believe affects flavor — or at least our perception of flavor.
  • Aroma also contributes to flavor, and different cuts can make certain fruits and vegetables smell differently.
  • The finer a vegetable is cut, the more enzymes it releases, resulting in a more intense flavor.

So, your cutting style for each meal that you include a vegetable is influencing the final flavor of that meal, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s enough of a bother for you to consider trying out different styles.