Disgraceful Cruelty: See How Blacks Were Displayed In Zoos By European Racists

The enduring hatred for blacks all over the world has been an issue of great concern over the centuries. Wearing the black skin automatically relegates a human being to the level of the most savage animal in the eyes of a white such that they are treated with no better consideration or importance by their fellow human beings who see themselves as being superior just because of the difference in skin colour. At some point during the colonial era, the racist whites were no longer satisfied with using blacks as servants and slaves, therefore they came up with a more dehumanizing innovation of displaying blacks together with animals in zoos, with the view that they are uncivilized and primitive animals. The infamous “Human Zoos” gradually turned to tourist sites as tourists travel long distances to come and watch them as they were compelled to do some acrobatic and animalistic shows as forms of entertainment to the tourists. While in some of the human zoos, the blacks are allowed to be fully clothed in attires depicting their culture and origin, in some others, they are half or completely naked. This depends on the purpose of the display as determined by the inhuman, racist white masters.

This notorious practice was done in some countries like Mexico, France, U.S, etc, but one of the most prominent was the one done in Oslo, Norway about a hundred years ago, (in 1914), with Senegalese on display in the most primitive living conditions at a site called ‘Kongolandsbyen’. In just five months, it attracted 1.4 million visitors, about half the population of Norway. Most annoyingly, after the Norwegian show, Urd, a Norwegian magazine concluded; “it’s wonderful that we are white”. In Belgium, 267 Congolese who were being exhibited in the same manner died during the show, and were indifferently buried in a nameless common grave. The whole story may sound too bizarre and incredible to be true, but the photos below will testify to the fact. Here are 10 Degrading and disturbing photos of how blacks were forced to live on display, in “human zoos”.



Blacks in display, making acrobatic shows for the entertainment of white tourists. They where gaped at just the same way monkeys and apes who jumped around on trees were gawked at in zoos…




Blacks made to identify with other lower primates with the opinion that having dark skin, they are in no way higher than them


Base and shameful display of women stark naked for the viewing pleasure of the racists. These women were so dehumanised that they have lost their dignity, humanity and identity. They were compelled to pose in different styles to show off their curves, bare butts and boobs! So disgraceful!!!



Here, blacks are confined to the lowest, poorest and most primitive living conditions exposed to all forms of health hazards which eventually led to the death of so many as mentioned earlier on.


Africans Human Zoo 1B

In some human zoos such as this, the blacks were richly dressed and adorned to represent their culture, and tourists come around to see them. Though this is a little bit fair compared to some others, but they have no liberty like every other normal human being. The people used for this purpose were all slaves captured from one part of the African continent or the other.

Just like colonization, this form of slavery may no longer be in existence in our present day society, but slavery and racial prejudice have not been completely wiped out from our world; they still resurface, coming in different forms and categories: some being even more cruel and having more dangerous imparts on the victims than the ones of ancient times. Also, the whites are yet to completely believe and accept that they are in no way, naturally superior to the blacks.