The Race To The White House Gets Low And Dirty

As elections gradually get closer, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump step up their game. Ever since the race, they have been engaged in very heated wars of words.

In the course of pre-election debates, there has been arguments over Hillary’s use of personal emails for official matters.

The argument is that it could jeopardize sensitive government information. On this matter, Donald Trump strongly believes that Hillary should be sent to prison.

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“I will say this, Hillary Clinton has got to go to jail… Folks, honestly, she’s guilty as hell.”

Mutually, both candidates have accused each other of being totally unfit to be president. Hillary Clinton who has been largely criticized for using a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State insists on running the race to the finish.

In her recent appearance in the media, she non-apologetically called Trump a “Fraud” who should not be let to “roll the dice with America.” She authoritatively says that the Trump University is a camouflage to exploit Americans who cannot afford the institution.

Hillary has referred to Trump as “dangerously incoherent” in his proposed policies, “unprepared” and “temperamentally unfit” to be president. She says that “the last thing America needs now is a bully in the white house.”

This has been the concern of anti-Trump world leaders. His witty and uncensored comments in the media during the course of past debates, interviews and the ongoing campaigns present him as a seeming unwelcoming authoritarian. Barack Obama has particularly warned against Trump’s economic policies as unsafe for America.

At the moment, the FBI is investigating Clinton’s use of a private emails to determine whether anyone improperly handled classified information (CNN). Trump seems to be certain that some dirt will be found on Hillary Clinton over the issue. However, the FBI has found nothing on her.

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“From the start, Hillary Clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help the Justice Department complete its review, and we hope and expect that anyone else who is asked would do the same. We are confident the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate took place.” Brian Fallon, Clinton’s press secretary

According to the FBI, the findings of their investigations will be presented to the Justice department. Only then will it be clear if she should be charged.