Donald Trump Says President Obama Is The Founder Of ISIS

US Presidential nominee Donald Trump says a lot of things. Since the start of his campaign, he has been embroiled in numerous sagas because of what he has either said or done.

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As the elections draw closer, however, his rhetoric is getting even more dangerous and divisive. Barely two days after he jokingly called for the political assassination of Hilary Clinton (Democratic nominee), he made a startling accusation.

Donald Trump Says

Donald Trump says that President Obama is the “founder of ISIS.” He made the startling accusation against President Barack Obama during a Florida rally Wednesday night while addressing his supporters.

In his usual blustering over-confidence, Trump had stated;

“ISIS is honoring president Obama, He is the founder of ISIS. He founded ISIS. And, I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

Donald Trump Says

Considering he was addressing his supporters it should not be surprising to hear that his declaration was met with chants of “Lock her up!” While furthering the claim of the Presidents founding status regarding ISIS, Trump included the president’s middle name, calling him Barack Hussein Obama — a move that’s typically been employed by those who claim Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Donald Trump Says

He went on to condemn the President and Hilary Clinton for refusing to use the term “Radical Islamic terrorism”. He said;

“And people don’t like saying that. Our president refuses to use the term. Every time another event happens, I keep saying, I wonder if he’s gonna say it this time. And he doesn’t say it.”

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“And Hillary won’t say it either…She doesn’t wanna say it, cause she doesn’t wanna offend the president because then bad things could happen to her if she offends the president. Bad things could happen to her. So she’s afraid to say it. Hillary’s afraid to say it. She did say that she would say it because of me, but she’s afraid to say it. But, we have a real problem with radical Islamic terror. It’s’ what it is. It’s terror.”

One thing is for sure, a Donald Trump presidency will be an interesting one.