Take it Or Leave It: Donald Trump Means Business After All

Donald Trump might be the only politically incorrect Presidential candidate America has ever seen. Starting off on a tone that most concluded as a loud flimsy joke, the republican presidential candidate of the United States sure knows what he is doing.

As a media personality, many thought Trump’s ambition to succeed Obama was not serious. Now, the billionaire politician is enjoying a rather fast tracked pace to the white house. A European diplomat was quoted as saying:

“I think everyone would be utterly incredulous if he did win. No one is expecting it to happen. Call it denial, I suppose.”

From the beginning of his campaign, the proud and perhaps arrogant republican generated a whole lot of haters from the Mexicans to the Muslims, Chinese, Feminists, the European Union and even to Africa. With his out-rightly blunt plans of leadership, many world leaders actually fear that Trump will be a hard nut to crack.

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As far as foreign policies go, Trump has no room for “tagging along”. He is all out to “shake the rust off America’s foreign policy”. He has accused the soon-to-step-down administration of making what he calls a “reckless, rudderless and aimless” foreign policies.

As a personal mission, Donald Trump is set to “revolutionize” the United States. He started off with the high wall suggestion and “the total shutdown of Muslims from America”. He is known for blasting Obama and Hillary saying that the United States has been under the leadership of “stupid people“. Thus the nation has made several “stupid decisions” in recent times.

On a more casual note, Trump is doing amazingly well in spicing up the whole competition. The unpretentious yet seemingly mischievous character has made debates interestingly funny. With his choice of words and defense mechanisms, the brilliant fighter is well aware of his signatory route to the white house.

On the issue of tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran, Trump has been accused of being a potential dictator. Oppositions suppose that he will most likely go after the Iran deal with his personal understanding and interpretation. Thereby neglecting all the works that has gone into renewing ties with the Middle East nation.

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In addition to that, Trump has implied a possible boycott of Saudi Arabian oil if they insist on not providing troops to fight ISIS. Many national leaders of the world are literally disturbed about the unexpected victory that Trump is making in the polls. Confirming this To Guardian news, former president of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, says that “a Trump presidency would be bad for Brazil.”

Accused of being unpredictable; plan-less; less practical; discriminatory; an arm-chair critic, Donald Trump is leading beyond all expectations. Let’s just say that the extreme realist is not the kind of American President that the world is used to. However, Nicholas Dungan, a French senior adviser has this to say:

“What I have been trying to explain to the French media is that Trump is an authentic American and he represents the face of authentic America and it would be wrong and makes no sense to write him off.”

In any case, Duncan still sees the election of Trump as a surprise that many will not understand in a long time. For a change, the media personality business mogul is pulling weight in Russia. For all it is worth, another history might just be made in the United States, come 2017.