Its a commonly accepted fact that drinking lots of water is good for you.

There are however some exclusive benefits that drinking hot water or warm water guarantees that cold water just does not.

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Preference for cold water may stem from the sometimes oppressive heat that persist in our busy cities, but considering these benefits of drinking hot water may reorient a person to consider drinking more hot water.

drinking hot water

Here are seven benefits of drinking hot water:

Helps with Nasal and Throat Congestion

This one may be a bit obvious, but it bears being said that drinking hot water is an excellent natural remedy for colds and a sore throat. It dissolves phlegm and helps remove it from your respiratory tract. Therefore providing relief from a sore throat and helping in clearing out nasal congestion.

Helps with Body Detoxification

We ingest various things daily so sometimes our body just needs to detoxify and hot water is fantastic in helping that need. When you drink hot water, your body temperature begins to rise and you tend to sweat. Toxins are released from your body as that happens, for optimum results, you can add a squeeze of lemon.

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Helps With Weight Loss

Hot water helps maintain a healthy metabolism and that will come in handy when you want to shed some weight. Hot water can also help break down the adipose tissue in your body. For best results, start up your metabolism early in the morning with with a glass of hot water and lemon.

Helps to Prevent Acne and Pimples

Hot water as it deep cleanses your body will likewise eliminate the root causes of acne-related infections.

Helps to Prevent Premature Aging

Another reason to keep your body free from toxins is that they make you age much faster, hot water as well as detoxifying will also help to prevent premature aging by; repairing the skin cells that increase the elasticity of your skin and are often affected by harmful free radicals. As a result, your damaged skin becomes smoother.

drinking hot water

Helps to Reduce Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be hell, so any remedy at all is welcome and hot water presents one of such with its ability to calm and soothe the abdominal muscles, which eventually can help to cure cramps and spasms.

Helps to Prevent Dandruff

Hot water will keep one’s scalp hydrated and help fight against dry scalp which is the common lead up to dandruff.