ebbs and flows

Life often does not occur in a straight line. Ups and downs generally mark the stay of any person on earth and these ups and downs can definitely manifest as ebbs and flows in your career life.

Sometimes, the ebbs and flows are self-created or can come about due to no apparent fault of yours. One thing is sure, however; knowing how to navigate the ebbs and flows of your career life holds great value for living a fulfilling life. It can also save a lot of stress and angst or anguish when the ebbs hit.

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Ebbs and flows refer to the cyclical changing of the tides from low to high and back to low again. It is the way in which the level of something regularly becomes higher or lower in a situation.

So how can ebbs and flows happen in your career life? Well as we have mentioned earlier they can either be self made or come by no fault of yours.

An example of a self-made ebb and flow is doing something that either gets you demoted, sacked or promoted. As to those that are no fault of yours, there could be a change in management or the laws of a nation could suddenly change in a way that does not favour your business or your company.

Although these ebbs and flows are natural it is necessary to learn how to handle them and when you hit an ebb, it is necessary to know how to pull yourself back up.

So, here are some ways we suggest you can go about dealing with the ebbs and flows in your career life;

Accept that it is natural

The first step in mastering something is often in your recognition and acceptance of that thing and the same goes with this concept of ebbs and flows in your career life.

You have to understand that all the goals that you have set for your career will often not line up the way that you have planned them. You will not always find your job exciting or fulfilling, you may have to work in plenty places that you are uncomfortable in before finally getting something that will make it all worth it.

ebbs and flows

Ask what you can do to keep things moving

Ebbs and flows are not necessarily a bad thing but stagnancy can be; you should not stand in one place for years on end that may mean that you are existing rather than living.

Ask yourself what you can do to keep things moving in your life. It can be anything from learning a new skill, moving to a new department in your company, striving for a promotion to even moving to another company that pays you less or more for a predetermined reason that fits into your plan.

Always be prepared for an ebb

When things are going well you should always make plans for when they may not be going so well. Saving and making investments is one of the chief ways of doing this.

During the period where everything seems to be flowing, make sure you are saving up and making investment decisions that will help tide you over when ebb time comes.

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During the ebb, focus your energy into learning and preparing for the future

It is a good mindset to have that after every ebb comes a flow. This will keep you optimistic when things are seemingly looking down. It is also important to spend this period learning no matter what has brought it about. Learn everything that you possibly can so that when an opportunity comes you are in the right shape to catch it and run with it.

No matter what career line you are in, things change everyday and if you allow depression to rob you of an opportunity to learn and get better then you may find yourself unable to actually fit into the current job market.

Make connections that matter

The people that we know often push us up or down; make the right connections. Make sure the circle that you have around you is there to encourage you when you are down and humble you when you are up.

These people should be from different age groups, different walks of life so long as they will help you to get better and be better.