Evidence Of Explosives Found On EgyptAir’s Flight 804 Victims

Egypt’s civil aviation ministry has reported evidence of explosives being found on some of the victims of the EgyptAir flight 804 which crashed in the Mediterranean from Paris, some time in May.

A statement which was released on Thursday by the civil aviation ministry stated that a criminal investigation will now begin into the crash of Flight 804. EgyptAir’s flight 804 killed all the 66 people who were onboard the flight in May.

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Another attack on Egypt’s airways saw a Russian passenger plane which was leaving from the popular tourist area of Sharm El-Sheikh, blown up over the Sinai Peninsula, an attack which was claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS). The terrorist attack had all 226 people onboard killed in 2015.

The cause of the crash of EgyptAir’s flight 804 is still uncertain as no terrorist group has claimed the attack, as in past cases. France’s accident investigation agency stated that the smoke detectors on the flight went off during the flight’s final moments. Aviation Herald also reported that sensors detected smoke in the plane’s lavatory, as well as a fault in two of the plane’s cockpit windows in the final moments of the flight.

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Nonetheless, the civil aviation ministry will continue with the investigation into the cause of the mishap which happened on 19th May.

On Sunday, a bombing killed 24 people at a Cairo church which was claimed by the Islamist militant group.

These, combined with other mishaps such as social unrest, have dwindled Egypt’s major source of income, tourism. Analysts have urged the African country to focus more on fighting ISIS rather than on mass arrests as this can lead to radicalisation inside the prisons.

The statement proves true as the perpetrator of the Cairo church bombing is said to have been a victim of police brutality.