Why You Should Meet These Estonian Identical Triplets?

The world is set to be dazed by the Estonian identical triplet – Leila, Liina and Lily Luik – at the upcoming Olympics. The Luik sisters will be competing in 2016 Rio Olympics for the women’s marathon.

According to the trio, running became a serious business for them at the age of 24. The sisters are said to be the first identical triplet to compete against each other.

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The now 30-year old Estonian triplet attended southern Estonian university town of Tartu. The Luik sisters’ trio to Rio mission will not be the first time they will be making their appearance in an international competition.

In 2014, the Estonian identical triplet participated in the 2014 European Championships in Zurich. This earned them a place in history as the first ever triplet to feature in the European Championships.

Estonian Identical Triplet

In preparation for the Rio competition, the Estonian twins took some time off to train. They spent a while at a training camp in Kenya; and then proceeded to northern Italy.

The inseparable Estonian identical triplet were born on October 14, 1985. They are fans of marathons, hip-hop, art and ice cream. Liina, was the one who made the sisters start running. According to her, the long distance running appealed more to them and that is why they decided to take it up professionally.

Estonian Identical Triplet

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The sisters are striving to improve their personal timing best. Leila leads with a personal best of 2 hours 37 minutes.

“We’ll approach it positively, support each other and hope to keep running together from start to finish. This is a great motivation for us and really gives us will power and strength.”

The 5.4 feet sisters who are food lovers share a dream of running a business.

Estonian Identical Triplet

“We dream of opening a small cosmetics business one day or maybe a cosy cafe.”- Lily, baker and desert maker.

“We’ll see after Rio when it’s more quiet. We have to think how best to use the fact that there’s three of us and how this would be a special reason for people to come to our cafe. We’re inseparable.”

estonia-triplets2 Estonian Identical Triplet