ethiopia needs money to solve food crisis

Zimbabwe is not the only African country in need of food aid. Ethiopia is also in dire need of donations as it’s food crisis worsens.

The El-Nino waves hit its hardest last year, 2015. This has caused severe drought in most southern and east African states where the heat wave is usually more prevalent.

During the 26th African Union summit, Dr. Ban Ki-moon, the general secretary of the United Nations explained to the delegates present that Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years and needs all the support it can possibly get. He praised the efforts of Ethiopian leaders and humanitarian agencies involved in solving the country’s food crisis while echoing the need to do more.

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“We face unrelenting humanitarian needs around the world. Many are generated by conflict and displacement. These human-made crises are extremely difficult to resolve and can last for years or even decades,”

“We know it will pass, and the situation will improve. This crisis will end. And until it does, I urge you to make the investment that is needed now, to support the Ethiopian Government and people through the difficult times ahead, and to build for the future.” he said.

Ethiopia needs $245 Million by March to prevent its drought situation from reaching “potentially catastrophic escalation”, Save The Children said.

As children continue to experience acute malnutrition, supplementary feeding needs to be made available.

“It can take around 120 days to purchase and transport food into Ethiopia through Djibouti, so we all must step up now,” said Save the Children Ethiopia Country Director John Graham. “The situation here is as grave as I have ever seen it in the 19 years I have spent in Ethiopia.’’

Ethiopia has witnessed numerous droughts and famines in its history. One of its deadliest being the famine of 1984-1985. this famine made millions destitute and resulted in the death of at least a million Ethiopians. Although it was fostered by the marxist regime and ongoing civil war, that remains the deadliest experience of food shortage Ethiopia has ever had.

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