lawi Criticized For Jailing Ethiopian Migrants

Malawi has been criticized by the Malawi human rights group for jailing some illegal Ethiopian immigrants including children.

A local non-government organisation, Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (Chreaa) told News24 that the Ethiopian immigrants were detained at Maula, Dedza and Ntchisi prisons in central Malawi. He also added that some of them have been in jail for about 2 years.

“The number keeps changing with each passing day as a week hardly passes without arresting these illegal migrants. These are all Ethiopians,” said the centre’s executive director Victor Mhango.

The country’s officials had stated that they lacked the funds to deport these migrants so they resorted to putting them in jails.

The Human Right Commission in Malawi also stated that the southern African country had 702 illegal immigrants arrested in 2014 with 707 arrested in 2015 alone.

Malawi Criticized For Jailing Ethiopian Immigrants

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World Migrant Crisis

The world is currently experiencing a migrant crisis which has seen several countries express different attitudes towards asylum seekers or refugees. While some welcome them with open arms, others are skeptical about having foreigners on their land for various reasons ranging from financial to security.

In the Middle East and North Africa, particularly Syria, the citizens are fleeing the consequences of a civil war which is not likely to end soon. These citizens are faced with insecurities and forced to leave to a place of safety.

However the financial aid that is required to fund the influx of migrants is not enough. Kenya has twice talked about closing its Dadaab camp– the biggest in the world for lack of funds as well a security reasons.

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Although not as reported as that of the Middle East and North Africa, southern Africa is also having a migration crisis.

Due to the scale of unemployment, poverty, few opportunities that plague some of these countries, they move to neighboring countries in search of greener pastures.

The most common destination of migrants in southern Africa are Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. Ironically, Malawi is one of those countries with a high migrant population in other well-to-to southern African countries.