Thanks To Tourism, Ethiopia Earns As Much As $3.4 Billion

Ethiopian tourism has grown over the years, to the point that it has generated a $3.4 billion in earning for the country in the past one year.

In the previous fiscal year the beautifully scenic and naturally endowed country recorded a $2.9 billion in earning. In other words, the revenue from Ethiopian tourism has generated about $500 million more than the previous earning.

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According to the Culture and Tourism ministry, over 918 000 people visited Ethiopia in a space of one year.

Ethiopian tourism has always been some sort of saving grace for the Ethiopian economy. From 1% contribution to the nation’s GDP 10 years ago, Ethiopian tourism has currently grown to 4%.

The above statistics proves the worth and potential of the nation’s tourism sector.

There are about 9 world heritage sites in Ethiopia: 

-The ruins of the city of Aksum(13th century).

-Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar Region (16th century).

-Konso Cultural Landscape; Lower Valley of the Awash.

-Tiya; Lower Valley of the Omo.

-Rock-hewn churches.


-Simien National park.

-Harar Jugol, the Fortified Historic Town.

These historical sites are the top tourist attractions in Ethiopia. Some others visit for other reasons as the flair for culture and to attend international conferences and functions.

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The Ethiopian Tourism spokesperson, Gezahegn Abate says over 83,700 foreigners attended conferences in Ethiopia last year.

Aside the heritage sites, the African nation which has existed for about 3000 years has other attractions.

The Culture and Tourism Minister Aisha Mohammed, adds her voice to the potential of the nation’s tourism. She says Ethiopia abundantly “enjoys wildlife and biodiversity preserved in their natural habitats with an opportunity for adventure travel unparalleled in Africa.”

The culture and tourism ministry confirm that there are about 88,000 foreign tourists and more who visit Ethiopia monthly. Records also reveal that they spend an average of 16 days, exploring and enjoying the nature goodness of the country.