Everything You Must Know About The Purported Assassination Plot In Zimbabwe

Since the last quarter of 2014, the Mugabe-Mujuru assassination saga has continuously made headlines for the Zimbabwean media and the world at large. Mugabe’s style of governance has raised eyebrows overtime. Even as other African countries embrace the democratic form of government, Mugabe does not and has not budged. He seems to be the self-imposed tyrannical Monarch. Little wonder, why there has been attempts to overthrow him at all costs. The latest reported attempt is the alleged plot of the Vice President, Joice Mujuru. A lot of suspicions and uncertainties have erupted from this political situation.

1. Mugabe, The Legendary Dictator


It is no doubt that the 90-year-old president of Zimbabwe, has overtime been adamant in vacating the presidential seat. Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe for 34 straight years( 1980- date).  He served as Prime Minister, Head of government, from 1980- 1987. He has been famously noted to say “I will be president of Zimbabwe until death takes me.” With his clearly failing health and ability to carry on, the cry for change is increasingly becoming a possibility. Thus another war as to who succeeds the ‘soon to go’ authoritarian leader. As much as people expect a more passive Mugabe in politics and in the affairs of the ruling party, he is as strong as ever.

2. Claims of Attempted Coup


The latest of the severally attempted coup was in the later part of 2014. President Mugabe directly accused his long time vice president, Joice Mujuru, of an attempted murder plot. Despite the allegation, no arrest has been made and no scheduled trial for this alleged crime. There is practically no proof. In response to the allegation and Grace Mugabe’s pressure, she firmly challenges the government to produce an evidence proving her guilt. So far nothing concrete has been found aside speculations.

3. The Impeachment Of The Vice President

mujuru 2

Joice Mujuru, the vice president of Zimbabwe, and a clear-cut potential successor was booted out of her position on the grounds of treason. She however denied any involvement in the poison attack directed to the president and his preferred would be successor, Justice Minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Joice Muguru views this incidence as part of Mugabe’s endless schemes of politicking.

4. Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa Political Rivalry

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s secretary, Ms Catherine Magaya was allegedly the victim of the plot. The office was supposedly frothing of an unknown poisonous substance when she walked right into it. Ms Catherine is reported to be bearing the brunt of this attack. She was admitted in the hospital but never the less critical. The rivalry of these two political juggernauts dates back in time. They were rivals in the 2004 ZANU-PF party congress.


 5. The Controversy

The allegation of murder attempts on the demoted Vice President gives rise to serious controversies. Some believe the accusations of the President. Some others view it as a stratagem to weaken the potentials of Joice Muguru, the most possible and actually the strongest contender for the presidential post. Since there is no tangible proof to support their claims, this might as well be a move to pull her down. The situation in general has brought up a lot of mixed opinions. While the decision to fire the deputy president has been viewed by some critics as farcical; and one of the President’s whimsical strategies, others see it as reasonable enough. The former says treason is a serious crime punishable by law and if in truth, there were facts, dismissal would be so cheap a price to pay for it. Moreover the supposed evidence in possession of Sunday Mail, run by Mujuru’s arch- rival, Emmerson Mnangagwa,  only points towards a conspiracy to actually overthrow Mujuru from government. Critics have classified the recorded voices expressing their displeasure with Mugabe as flimsy in the court of law. The latter however, thinks it’s only logical to rid the government of saboteurs as  some have also accused the vice president of undermining the government developmental plans.

6. Obtrusion of The First Lady


The first lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, currently the leader of the Women League in ZANU-PF Publicly launched campaigns against Joice, demanding her to step down. Joice declined this call till her consequent dismissal. However not a lot of people are pleased with the first lady’s act.  They see it as one of her many recent unnecessary interference in government and of course malicious.

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