Facebook Will Now Send You Alerts Of Possible Impersonation

There’s quite a good number of ways you can get hurt online, but one of the more common ways especially for celebrities or people caught in the public eye, is having someone impersonating you; making use of your name and profile picture to do any manner of stuff. Facebook is working on a new tool to end the type of harassment, known as impersonation or at the very least, reduce it.

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The new feature that the social network is working on will automatically alert you upon detection of another user account impersonating yours by using your name and profile picture. Facebook will send you an alert notifying you about the profile after which you will be prompted to identify if said profile is indeed impersonating you by using your personal information or if it belongs to someone else who is not impersonating you.

The process of flagging this impersonation cases is automated, but the flagged profiles will still go through a manual review by Facebook’s team. Facebook’s Head of Global Safety Antigone Davis says that the feature which was put through testing in November, is now live in about 75% of the world and Facebook plans to expand it’s availability to more places in the near future.


The feature is apparently especially needful, after a series of round-tables conducted by Facebook revealed impersonation as a major point of concern for women in certain regions of the world where the antics of the impersonator may have certain social or cultural implications. So if you are currently trolling with another account, you may like to quit now or be rudely kicked out by Facebook at a later date. Women and celebrities alike would also soon be able to breathe easier sure that only what they actually approve of is being represented by them online.

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