A research by experts from the University of Toronto suggests that there are facial cues that tell whether a person is rich or poor upon first impression.

Whether happy or angry, one can easily detect emotions by merely looking at another’s face. However these emotions are not enough to tell if a person is poor or rich.

Instead Toronto psychologists conducted a research on what it is that gives a rather accurate first impression with regards to someone’s social class. They discovered that there are facial cues that communicate whether a person is rich or poor.

The face which has 43 facial muscles is the first point of contact with someone. Moreso there are neurons in the brain that are responsible for facial recognition.

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Commonly repeated expressions in time becomes engraved on a person’s face and is visible for another to decode.

You know what they say about wrinkles… just one wrinkle can tell the story of your life without you saying a word. Perhaps that’s how it is with people’s neutral looks.

It is a fact that the hypothesis may not be the case for other scenarios. While we cannot say it is conclusive that the face tells how rich or poor people are, psychologists say they have proven accurate half of the time.

According to Associate Professor Nicholas Rule and PhD candidate Thora Bjornsdottir in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it is also suggested that these facial cues have been wrongly used in some job recruitment occasions.

Thora Bjornsdottir said:

“It indicates that something as subtle as the signals in your face about your social class can actually then perpetuate it,”

“Those first impressions can become a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s going to influence your interactions, and the opportunities you have.”

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Facial Cues

The researchers found that over time, some expressions from regular experiences become ingrained in the face.

When people move from a lower economic strata to a higher one, there’s always something about the face that gives a hint on the level of comfort/luxury.

The New Study says that devoid of any sort of emotions the face gives out cues that gives a 50% accuracy of the wealth level of people. According to the researchers, an experiment was conducted to arrive at their conclusion.

A group of student volunteers were gathered and their pictures were taken on a neutral bases. Another group of volunteers were asked to make guesses of their family’s income using $75,000 as the benchmark median.

The students were grouped into 2- C & D group, those whose families earned below $60,000 and those whose families earned above $100,000. The researchers made sure to use only the faces of the student volunteers excluding their jewelries, clothes and other accessories.

By instinct, the volunteers made 53% accurate guesses of which students were either rich or poor. The C group were from rich families while the D group were from below average families.

This means that for most cases, the face gives away the weight of our pockets.

The research team also stated that the result of the experiment was not influenced by either race or gender as expected of nonverbal behaviors.