FIFA fans will be happy to be reminded once again that the long wait for FIFA 18 is almost at an end. In fact, for some the wait has ended for a couple of hours now although the official release date for the update is set for Friday.

Prior to the official release date, however, FIFA made available a Ronaldo Edition of FIFA 18 that can be bought via online retailers and content stores. The Ronaldo Edition costs more than the Standard Edition.

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A pre-order of the Standard Edition via the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store will go for £59.99 or £54.99 via Origin. A physical copy of the Standard edition is also available to pre-order for £49.99 (PS4, Xbox One).

It is possible still to play FIFA 18 ahead of the launch date for free. EA Early Access will give one a 10-hour free trial with a one-month trial of the service. You can try the game’s demo out on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. It will let you play as 12 clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and PSG; experience a handful of the game’s stadiums, and try out the next stage of story mode The Journey.


The next question on the mind of most avid players would be the differences in gameplay that they can expect from FIFA 18 and we have a few to share.

Five Key Gameplay Features On FIFA 18


The update introduces a powered tackle alongside the standard standing tackle. To do the powered tackle, you would just have to long press the standing tackle button and a defender will make a stronger, more physical effort to win the ball.

That definitely increases your chance of breaking up the play and giving away a foul. You can also win the ball by not pressing any tackle buttons at all, and just positioning the body cleverly enough to impact an opposition player.


Different from FIFA 17’s standard cross that of FIFA 18 has more pace and curve on it making the function seem more realistic. Low and high crosses can still be delivered by holding the left and right bumpers


One new feature allows players to make substitutions on the run during stop plays eliminating the need to press pause and go into the menu screen. You would just have to long press the back bumper when the ball goes dead.

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Shielding can help with shrugging off a defender. Take possession at feet and then shield with your back to the opponent, the player can then roll an opposition defender or create space to make an attacking pass.


In FIFA 18 a player would require a lot more skill to pull off the easy move in FIFA 17 of executing a cross-field ball by pressing the long pass button once. Part of this skill includes the length of pressing the button and body position.


Platforms That FIFA 18 Will Be On

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will certainly carry FIFA 18 but there will also be a Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18, but it’s going to be called EA Sports FIFA. The EA Sports FIFA will be a slightly scaled back version that won’t use the Frostbite engine, and as a result, won’t feature story mode The Journey.

Xbox 360 and PS3 users will get the ‘Legacy Edition’ of FIFA 18 which is essentially their versions of FIFA 17 but updated with the latest kits and team lineups. They will not have the new gameplay features and they also won’t include The Journey.