See What Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari Has To Say Concerning Her Husband’s ‘Kitchen’ Statement

The word duel between the President Buhari and First Lady Aisha Buhari of Nigeria continues.

In a new interview conducted by the BBC, First Lady Aisha Buhari has aired her thoughts on the recent spiel of words on her husband’s part against the first interview.

Aisha Buhari said, this time in English to the BBC interviewer, “I have my own right to say how I feel about something.”

A few days after her first interview where she criticised her husband’s administration and the people in the ruling party who did not share the common goal of the party, the President was asked his opinion on the First Lady’s comments.

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President Buhari, who was at the time in Germany, responded on international television infamously saying:

“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”

His comment left German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was standing right beside him, in a speechless glare.

See What Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari Has To Say Concerning Her Husband's 'Kitchen' Statement

President Buhari’s administration has been plagued with irregularities. The president took so long to appoint his cabinet, the national budget had to go through a long process before being signed due to budget padding. Also, as Nigeria’s economy declined due to the fall in oil prices, the President’s administration has been unable to make strict policies to get the country back on feet. These and other vices have led to Nigeria being in the worst recession in 29 years.

First Lady Aisha Buhari mentioned that as people continued to speak to her about the negative effects of her husband’s administration, she decided to speak to him.

“After receiving complaint upon complaint, I decided to tell him,

“A lot of people have been calling him – alone and also collectively – to tell him that things are not going the way they should when it comes to putting people in certain positions.”

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In the interview, she reiterated her statements made in the previous interview about the unknown people in the ruling All Progressives Congress who do not share the party’s vision.

She added once again that if her husband chose to run for Presidency in 2019 with things as is, she will not campaign with him. First Lady Aisha Buhari said she would rather “work with people that we started the journey with collectively as a team so that we can achieve what we want to achieve. So that he will leave a legacy.”