Lower Sperm Count

A new study has found that men who drank more fizzy drinks like cola, had a lower sperm count and were at a greater risk of erectile dysfunction.

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The shocking study revealed that drinking one litre of the fizzy drink a day could reduce sperm count by a massive 30% and lead to erectile dysfunction.

The research was undertaken at Copenhagen University Hospital.

Lower Sperm Count

It found that men who owned up to being addicted to fizzy drinks had a much lower sperm count than those who avoided the drinks completely.

The study considered, 2,554 men, a considerable number by any standard and found that fizzy drink addicts had an average sperm count of 35 million per millilitre, compared to 56 million per millilitre in those who consumed less of the drink.

The sperm count of 35 million per millilitre still falls within the normal range but it shows that fizzy drink addiction puts men more at a risk for infertility.

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Despite this revelation, the study found that there was no link between the caffeine levels in these drinks, for example in coca cola, therefore indicating the lower sperm count in men was likely due to another ingredient. The culprit ingredient has however not yet been deduced.

Drinking too much cola and certain other fizzy drinks was also found to have links to men suffering from erectile dysfunction, as discovered by scientists at the Nicolaus Copernicus University and the Professor Franciszek Lukaszczyk Memorial Hospital in Bydgoszcz in Poland.

Lower Sperm Count

The scientists noted that while getting an erection relied on many factors, both physical and psychological, certain ingredients in fizzy drinks appeared to contribute to erectile problems.

They claimed a sweetener in the drinks could damage arteries in the penis – possibly preventing blood flowing freely through the muscle.

With all these shocking facts, scientists concluded that drinking the odd can of coke or other fizzy drinks every now and then would not cause such alarming side effects, but those who drank the fizzy stuff often need to cut down on sugar in general.