Want Foreign Languages Translated In Real Time? Watch Out For These Earphones

Language learning can get a bit trickier as one gets older and navigating new terrain when language is a hindrance can severely restrict one’s enjoyment of the experience. These star trek earphones may help alleviate all those problems for people who dream of traveling the world.

Has your dream of traveling to Paris been tainted by a realization that you will be unable to communicate with the locals? Pilot, the star trek earphones in question, will soon be here to save the day.

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Pilot is a wireless earpiece created by Waverly Labs designed to translate other languages in real time so you can chat with foreigners with relative ease.

We call them star trek earphones because fans of the franchise may liken it to the Universal Translator seen in Star Trek. Waverly Labs generated huge hype for their product in 2016 and then turned up at MWC 2017 to show off their prototype of Pilot and announce that it would go on sale in Q3.

The system behind Pilot consists of two earbuds and a smartphone app that uses machine learning technology to translate between languages.

Star Trek Earphones

How would the Star Trek Earphones Work?

To translate between two people, they both would have to be wearing a Pilot earpiece. That way, the earpiece of the person talking would record their speech, send it to the smartphone via Bluetooth, then the Pilot smartphone app would translate the speech and play it in the other person’s earpiece in their own language.

The Pilot smartphone app will also display the text on-screen and play the translation on speakerphone if one of the earpieces gets lost or if convincing a stranger to wear one seems difficult.

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There is also the amazing fact that the Pilot app uses machine-learning technology that makes its translation capabilities improve over time. That way, the translation will get more accurate the more it is used. The company is also trying to cut down the translation time from a delay of a couple of seconds to almost-instant.

When it launches, Pilot will support English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Waverly Labs said other languages will be added at a later date. The price for this multilingualism on a platter will be $249 (£205).