Fuller Cut

A Michigan based barbershop, known as The Fuller Cut is thoughtfully promoting education in their clients who are children.

The black owned enterprise gives a $2 discount to children who read aloud to the barbers while their hairs were being cut.

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This may be a secondary promo strategy for Ryan Griffin, who owns the shop. But then the main aim of the reading strategy was to promote education and sustain the reading culture in black communities.

Parents, teachers and residents of the community are happy and have commended the initiative.

Ryan Griffin said:

“Parents love it and the kids … well, they like getting the two dollars back,”

“We get compliments from teachers all the time, too.”


Ryan had heard about the reading initiative and liked it. The concept had been welcomed in several parts of the United States. Likewise his community has welcomed it too.

“And that’s just how it started. It wasn’t anything grand. I just wanted to be responsible,”

“I hope people reading this and feel the same way go to their barbershop or beauty salons and tell them about this program as well.”

The Fuller Cut owner and barber with over 20 years experience went home, searched and brought some old books to his barbershop.

“All our books have positive images of African-Americans — whether it’s astronauts, athletes or writers.”

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Griffin believes the idea will be good for posterity. He says that he will find fulfillment and joy knowing that a child who patronized his shop found the inspiration to read and be great in life from the reading experience in his shop.

“When little kids that don’t really know how to read or what’s going on see an older kid in the chair with a book and then grab a book too, that’s what’s important. Because when a kid thinks it’s cool to read, that’s a gift.”

“Some kids go to class and they’re afraid to read out loud, but this really builds their confidence,”

“If we can get kids to come back to the Fuller Cut as adults in college and they tell us, ‘Because you guys had us read here, it made me want to be a writer or journalist,’ that’s really the end goal.”

– Ryan Griffin.

With acts like this, we see that it does not take a billionaire to contribute to the society and invest in the growing generation.