George Weah: Retired Soccer Champ Dusts It Off And Re-runs For Presidency In Liberia

As Ellen Sirleaf’s final tenure comes to an end, George Weah, a former professional footballer buckles up for the race to take the Liberian Presidential seat. This will be the second time the football champ is running for presidency in his home country. He made the announcement in Monrovia.

In his football career days, he played for the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), AC Milan and Chelsea. According to FIFA, he was the highest ranking African footballer in the 20th century. He was a 3-time African player of the year.

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The world acclaimed sport superstar first declared his “vision” to be Liberia’s president in 2005. Sadly he was defeated by the incumbent Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

As a footballer, George Weah had already become a goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. His interest in politics has always been open. At the moment, George is a senator for the western province of Montserrado (including Monrovia). He was a running mate for a Presidential candidate Winston Tubman, in 2011. That did not play out in his favor as well.

49-year old George Weah is running for presidency under the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) party. In his speech the champ shares his passion to eradicate poverty in his country. He said he was also a “victim of poverty”.

“In the last ten years our people have continued to live in abject poverty, education a mess, health delivery system a disaster, electricity and pipe-borne water elusive. Like many of you, I have been a victim of poverty. There were times I didn’t have school fees.”

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Despite the empathetic approach, the footballer turned politician is still rated as low in the political race. This is probably because of his little experience in politics. However, CDC supporters came out en masse to show solidarity to George Weah.