Texas Man Gerald Campbell Used Hot Water To Trick Malawian Minors Into Having Sexual Relations With Him

Few things are as heartbreaking as an adult sexually abusing helpless orphans.

An American of Texas origin has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for the abuse of several orphans at a Malawian orphanage.

The man, Gerald Campbell is a 66-year-old from Odessa, Ector County.

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The sexagenarian admitted he had sexual relations with 8 minors who were placed under his care at the Victory Christian Children’s Home in Malawi between 1997 and 2009.

In addition to serving the 25 sentence, when released, Gerald Campbell will be placed under supervision for the rest of his life. Also, he will be made to pay $40 000 in restitution for the crimes committed.

“He will have to pay the consequences for what he did but that he can find mercy and peace with God and some kind of hope. Not a day goes by that we have not continued to pray for him,” Victory Christian Children’s Home co-founder, Charles Trombley said.

Gerald Campbell explained that he baited the kids into his home with the availability of basic luxuries such as hot water. Campbell who fully knew the immorality of what he was doing exploited the standard which favors the opinion of adults over children.

He stated that he knew the children will not be taken seriously if they had reported the atrocious acts he committed with them.

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While Gerald Campbell’s case is seen as a crime, in some parts of Africa, sexual relations between an Adults and a minors are not seen as an offense. The so-called Hyenas are one of many examples. These men are said to ‘usher young girls into womanhood’.

Malawi’s President Mutharika has expressed his desire to end sexual abuse of all sorts, particularly the ‘hyena’ culture.

“I have instructed the Minister of Justice to start preparing a draft paper which will form a base of legislation which will be presented before the cabinet, and then we will have new legislation governing some of these [cultural] practices,” President Mutharika said.