Global Trump Hate: US Travel Ban Says It’s Time To Build Africa

Donald Trump recently became the 2nd most powerful person in the world after winning the elections in November.

By virtue of becoming the president of the United States, Trump assumed one of the most sensitive positions in the world.

He would go down in history as the famously politically incorrect and inexperienced president of all times.

Existing reports say that Trump’s temporal travel ban will be the 7th time in over 200 years that US is banning immigrants.

While this is not the pro-trump type, it is meant to see what has prompted these decisions and perhaps the hypocrisy of condemning some of his recently signed policies.

First, it takes a patriotic person to defend his nation. This is a country that made him a billionaire and now the 45th president.

As Trump battles with massive oppositions over the immigration ban, the truth remains that It’s not just Trump, no developed country at this time finds it that easy to admit refugees especially from Muslim majority locations into their country.

It may come off as hypocritical that while other nations are themselves taking measures to defeat terrorism, they find it easy to condemn Trump for endorsing a temporal shutdown of Muslim immigrants.

In the cause of fighting Al-Shabab militants, President Uhuru announced the radical justice system where he bluntly warned terrorists that for every 1 Christian life, 4 Muslims must go down.

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Swaziland has stopped teaching Islam in schools while Morocco even as an African Muslim country has banned the production and importation of the burqa.

Signatories are running into millions to ban Trump from entering the UK, but did you know that the UK is actually building a wall around its borders? Do you think it is possible that Brexit had no xenophobic undertone?

With the exception of Canada, Germany and a number of not-so-wealthy countries, many world leaders are not so willing to accept refugees.

It may not be clear what his deal with Muslims is, but radical Islamism is a danger that the entire world is fighting against at this point.

As an inexperienced president with the populist tendency, diplomacy, however necessary, may not be Trump’s strong suit. Yet, he still has a vision that a considerable portion of America respects.

During his Campaign days, he made it clear he has no time to play games over diplomatic ties. It is a different story if he sticks to that along the line but that show of brevity endeared him to a large number of Americans.

It will not be a surprise if Trump’s only crime in the international world is his manner of presentation- he tells it as bluntly and as raw as he thinks it.

Considering that the said US travel ban is temporary, Trump may possibly amend the executive order to be more inclusive.

Moreso, Immigrants make up a chunk of the US workforce. Currently, a CNN news showed that some American states have economic spaces that only they can fill.

“Give me your tired, your poor; Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”– Statue of Liberty Poem.

For this reason and perhaps a bit of compassion for refugees, it is not likely that immigrants would ever stop getting into the United States. Rather, the processes would be tightened and selective.

Backing up his temporal immigration ban, Trump says he does not want to be caught unawares by terrorists who come in as refugees.

Buttressing his fears, some Muslim refugees in 2016 wreaked havoc in the US and other European countries, nevertheless, statistics show that there are slimmer chances for terror acts to be carried out by refugees, than naturalized Muslims.

Supposing the United States, a nation that is consistently targeted by terrorists were our immediate families, I bet pausing the immigration processes for a while would be one of the steps taken to ensure their safety.

9/11 left a breathing scar on Americans. If something of that nature were to repeat itself, whoever is the President would be a grand disappointment if he failed to use whatever means at his disposal to protect the people.

Trump is taking a literal step like he said he would, to check terrorist tendencies perpetrated by Islamic extremists. The only sensitive situation there is the excruciating plight of millions of harmless refugees who would be bearing the brunt of ills done by a radical few.

Refugees, Christians and Muslims alike are the victims in all of this. It must be fairly said that being a refugee is not a pleasant choice. They suffer beyond words can express. Some take chances through seas and deserts with their families in the hope of finding a way.

Whether the temporal ban lasts shorter or as long as it was stipulated to be, it is a matter of global urgency that America reconsiders (though with caution) refugees like Canada constantly does.

As much as it would be super amazing to see Trump give the humanitarian gesture void of religious sentiments, tightening up the borders remains a basic step he couldn’t be more correct about.

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Illustrating with the current Nigerian situation where over 800 persons (Christians) were brutally murdered in Southern Kaduna, a meeting of northern governors claims that the perpetrators of the crime were (probably undocumented) immigrants from Chad and Mali.

With the growing number of these ‘foreign’ herdsmen, the supposition points to the fact that the Nigerian borders are not properly secured as it should be; and that has given rise to the deaths of innocent citizens.

Constitutionally, countries have the right to open and close their borders. How flexible they chose to be is their decision to make.

As it concerns Africa, perhaps some Trump traits may actually be worth it.

Thanks to globalization, the entire world now has a say in what goes on in the US. How about tribalistic crimes that run deep in remote parts of several African countries?

How about the Oromo ethnic group who have been abused and killed in hundreds of thousands and left many more incarcerated? What are the leaders doing about these?

What has happened to the Zimbabwean President who has ruled for 3 decades with no hope of relinquishing power?

Very much unlike what we see in African leadership, Trump is making true the promises that earned him a place in the White House.

From his anti-LGBT and abortion matters to the ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants, Trump laid it all out during his campaign. Just like it did then, these policies are not going down well with everyone. In any case, he is not doing anything out of what he promised. It would be refreshing to have more of that honest tendency in Africa.

As Africa worries about the future of comrades in diaspora, we hope the best would come out of it.

But then, the new immigration law may help Africa wake up to the reality of developing their countries.

The African Union should understand that it is the responsibility of the continent to attend to the refugee situation in Libya, Somalia, and Sudan.

It is time to take care of our own and not abandon them to the mercies of a developed country.

The African Union should also understand there is a duty to regulating the governance of member states.

This may be the time to build on our human economy. The time to stop crying over spilled milk. Time to say no to being constant victims of constitutionally permitted decisions taken by sovereign nations.

What will be left of the sub-Saharan African countries if motherland is deserted in search of greener pastures? What is our fate if African leaders still do not see the need to make Africa truly our home?