Google's birthday

Its Google’s birthday today and for as long as some of us can remember using the search engine, it certainly feels a lot older than its 19 years of age. The search engine is a big part of our lives these days helping us to achieve a great many things and giving us access to needed knowledge.

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Google’s birthday is certainly a time to remember all the awesome things that the search engine helps us to do and to achieve on a daily basis. In this article, we feature nineteen of them to match with Google’s new age.

19 Awesome Things Google Can Help You With On Google’s Birthday

  • You can use the “site:” keyword, to enable Google to give you only results for that website. For example, you can enter the phrase “ kenya” and you will get only articles on the Answers Africa website that are about Kenya.
  • You can also use Google as a timer; it will give you the exact times for sunrise and sunset.
  • Google can, of course, translate for you. Just type what you want to be translated into the search bar with the language you want it to be translated to.
  • Google can also do currency conversions for you.
  • You can get the weather forecast for any city just by typing the city followed by “forecast.”
  • You could make Google do tricks for you. For instance, type the words “do a barrel roll” into your search bar and watch what happens.

Google's birthday

  • Google can tell you when your favorite show is on
  • It can also tell you when the release date for a movie is.
  • Another trick; type the word “tilt” and watch what happens.
  • It can cue you in on movie times and locations.
  • Getting information on any company is easy with Google so no fears for your light researching before hitting that interview.
  • Fall in love with a particular artist and you can have Google find songs by them.
  • Google can also give you all the books written by your favorite author.
  • It can help you to decide what you will eat for dinner.
  • Google is also voice enabled and so when you are tired of typing, Google can do a search for you by voice all you have to do is click on the microphone icon and speak.

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  • Google’s Reverse Image Search can help you find information on images. Just drag the image into the search tool and it will help you locate the original source of the image.
  • If you search “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious,” Google will provide you with a fun fact and you can click “Ask another question” for more random facts.
  • Search “tic tac toe” and Google will present you with a game in which you can be “X” or “O,” and adjust the difficulty between easy, medium, and impossible.
  • Searching the phrase “Google in 1998,” will give you results that will appear in Google’s 1998 layout.