inseparable old dying couple

Romeo and Juliet is a serious tragic story but the story of this inseparable old dying couple is so not.

An anonymous woman posted an image of grannies on Reddit who laid down together holding hands. The description on the image implied that they were the lady’s grand parents.

The man in the picture was 100 years while his wife was 96. They have been married for 77 long years.

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It appears the inseparable old dying couple was sharing a bitter-sweet moment at the time the picture was taken. According to the young anonymous Reddit user, the picture was taken few hours before the 96-year old woman passed away.

inseparable old dying couple

It is sad to lose loved ones but when it comes to seeing partners who have lived as long as these grannies, still holding hands and being there for each other, it triggers more sweet sensation than anguish.

In a divorce-trending era like ours, I bet many would give anything to have this kind of moment in their lifetime.

A wise man once said that true love is not Romeo and Juliet who died young but your grandparents who are still walking that love road together.

The Reddit image of the inseparable old dying couple generated loads of likes and comments. You could almost detect that the world is currently missing out on the true definition of “till death do us part”.

Many shared their love and condolence with the 100 year granny who held his wife’s hand as frail as they both were till she passed on.

The lingering fear was the possibility of the broken heart syndrome. It is often common for inseparable partners to die relatively at the same time.

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Jeanette and Alexander Toczko

An example will be the case of Jeanette and Alexander Toczko. The 2 had known each other since childhood. As early as the age of 8, they were inseparable.

They got married and lasted 75 years with each other in marriage. 96-year old Jeanette and 95-year old Alexander ended their life’s journey together as they died on the same day, holding hands in their bed. Interestingly, they died on their 75th wedding anniversary.