President-Elect, Adama Barrow’s Son Dies From Dog Bite; As Tension Rises In Gambia

Adding to the political concerns of Gambia’s president-elect, his 8-year old son, Habibu Barrow has reportedly been killed from a dog bite.

While the details and location of the incident has not been made known, reports say that Habibu Barrow gave up the ghost on Sunday while he was being taken to the hospital in Manjai near the Gambian capital Banjul.

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With the tension which is making Gambian citizens flee the country, the regional body ECOWAS requested Mr Barrow to stay in Senegal until his inauguration on Thursday, January 19.

As a result, Barrow, a father of 5, did not attend his son’s funeral. He was advised to stick to the plan and remain in Senegal till the inauguration day.

Before his travel to Senegal, it was rumored that the president-elect was assassinated as a consequence of the power tussle between him and Yahya Jammeh.

The fake news, which was all over social media, followed after the news that Gambia’s army chief pledged his loyalty to the incumbent President Jammeh.

As much as the assassination claims was a hoax, it was equally confirmed that Barrow and his team were making necessary re-locations in order to guarantee the safety of lives as they have received threats from authorities.

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President Jammeh has 2 more days to peacefully step down but he still won’t budge. He insists that the Supreme court must rule on his party’s decision before he takes further step. Jammeh wants the court to halt Barrow’s inauguration.

According to BBC report, the Supreme Court on its part has refused to comply and honor the application.

Calls from Co-Muslim countries, heads of states, AU, UN and ECOWAS for Jammeh’s step down have all summed up to futility.

ECOWAS is reportedly considering military intervention to force him to relinquish power.