Africa Unites!! Haiti To Fully Become An African Union Member State

Later in the year, June precisely, Haiti will officially become an African Union member state. The first black republic will be totally endorsed as a full fledged African Union country during the next AU summit in June.

This February in Addis Ababa, Haiti joined the African Union but it will be made formal at their next summit in Lilongwe, Malawi next month.

Haiti is located in the Caribbean Islands. In 1804 via the Haitian revolution led by the legendary Napoleon, the black nation won the freedom from the French imperialists and became a republic.

Haiti will be the only and the first diaspora country to be part and parcel of the African Union. The reason for this possibility is not far fetched. For one they have quite a large number of African slave descendants.

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From the history of the ancient trans-Atlantic slave trade, Africans were shipped from their homes to the Caribbean Islands. The African slaves who were relocated to the Islands were majorly from West Africa. All things being equal, the Haitian natives all come from Africa.

With this piece of history in mind, there is little or no reason why they should not be enlisted as an African Union member state. Overtime there has been some sort of bond evident in the relationship of the country and other African nations.

In 2004 for instance, after the earthquake that ravaged the country, Senegal opened wide its arms to aid the nation. They gave them a free land space for accommodation. Several other African nations generated about $8 million dollars for the black Caribbean nation.

In the same way Haiti has always publicly defended African nations who were victims of the west. This was so in the case of Ethiopia and Libya. Because they know the bitter taste of oppression, Haiti never keeps shut when such is the fate of any African country.

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One question that comes up as we anticipate the formal ceremony, is why the sudden big decision to officially identify with Africa?

Even in diaspora, Haiti still share a lot of things in common with co-African nations- poverty, tired of foreign aids, violence and economic instability. On the bright side they share similar richness in their arts- literature, poetry, painting, music- and culture.

Identifying with the AU will afford the nation other options than the impractical foreign aid. Such options include trading opportunities with more African nations. This will be a way of enlarging their horizon as well as fostering more integration with the continent. They get to enjoy benefits that come from being a member state, whether internationally or other wise.