Hatifari Munongi: The Zimbabwean Retiree Who Earns A University Degree At 77

Of course it is never too late to go back to school and 77 year-old Zimbabwean retiree, Hatifari Munongi is yet another proof.

After retiring from active service in Zimbabwe, Hatifari went back to school to obtain a degree in the university.

She just didn’t get a degree but she did it excellently well. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Sociology and Gender Development from the Women’s University in Africa (WUA) in Zimbabwe.

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Hatifari Munongi gave 50 years of her life to teaching. As she retired from Zimbabwe’s civil service, she made up her mind to go back to the University and obtain a degree like she always hoped to.

Undaunted about her age, the 77-year old could not care any less about sharing a class with students who would probably be the mates of her children or grandchildren.

I guess the long period of teaching also made her comfortable with the students. Hatifari Munongi was one of the 1,038 graduands conferred with a degree during the 12th graduation ceremony of the institution.

The mother of 3, grandmother of 5 and great-grandmother of 1 has been nothing short of inspirational for Zimbabwe and indeed Africa as a whole.

For a lot of women giving up on education, she has now become a model.

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Hatifari Munongi will not be the only elderly person who went back to school regardless of their age. Quite a good number in this lifetime have toed the line of this motivational woman.

With her accomplishment in the educational sector, one would not expect that she would still fancy education. Some people of her age might not see the need to go back for a university degree at that stage of her life; but she did it anyway.