Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Resume Could Get Thrown Out

It helps us to know why things happen to us; it reduces the effect of the blow, gives us something better to think about and helps us get ready for the next opportunity. So while your Resume may not have gotten you a call for an interview after a particular job application, it is not the time to sulk and sit around sad and angry at the world.

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Instead, consider these reasons why your résumé may not have garnered you an interview invite and work on making your next one better;

You Sent It In The Wrong Format:

This has to do with reading instructions, if it was to be sent in via email, did they ask you to send it in a PDF format or a word document. If you send in a format that was not the one requested, you automatically disqualify yourself since no one will have the time, with all the other applications they have to sift through, to convert it to the appropriate format that was requested for.

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The Resume Focuses On Style Instead Of Content:

There are so many fancy resume templates online and while they can help your résumé look more attractive, remember that the content is still king. What are you selling yourself on? Also make sure that the template is not so fancy that it renders your entire Resume difficult to read and understand. Once again, nobody has time for that. The right format for a Resume is a reverse historical explanation of your accomplishments at each job with dates and titles and company names included.

Your Resume Is Riddled With Misspellings And Punctuation Errors:

In essence, you failed to proofread. One misspelling can maybe be forgiven but dependent on the person reading, it get’s rather irritating in bulk and mixing ‘their’ with ‘they’re’ just does not inspire confidence about the care you will take if given a job. Proofread your Resume, in fact give it to other people besides to make corrections before sending it out.

You Used Superfluous Language:

No one is looking for a literature lesson while screening candidates, so your Resume should not read like a high-class novel. Be brief and to the point, highlighting what needs to be highlighted and being as clear as you possibly can.


Your Application Was Too Much Of A Stretch:

It can be necessary to stretch sometimes, but not so much that it is impossible to imagine why you could possibly be applying for that particular job. Do not apply for jobs you have no training or experience in, you are always safer applying for something in your field.

You Lied:

Do not lie on your Resume, most recruiters have seen thousands of Resumes and are able to spot exaggerations when they occur. Stick to what you have actually done and hopefully it will be enough.

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