Nigerian Security Forces Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Boko Haram Female Refugees

Human Rights Watch has published a report that accuses Nigerian security IDP camp officials of sexually assaulting female Boko Haram refugees.

As the Nigerian government push to completely defeat Boko Haram, it is very conspicuous that the welfare of internally displaced persons is a serious priority.

Human rights groups have reported that the basic needs for survival are not sufficient for the refugees in the camps.


Worsening the state of affairs is the rise of an astounding news that the Nigerian security IDP camp officials, who were placed in charge of the displaced persons have been engaged in illicit sexual activities with the female victims.

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According to Human Rights Watch, in a report published yesterday, there are 43 cases of women and girls in seven internally displaced persons’ camps in Maiduguri, who have been raped or lured into sex by camp leaders, police men and soldiers who were assigned to ensure their security.

“It is bad enough that these women and girls are not getting much-needed support for the horrific trauma they suffered at the hands of Boko Haram,” 

“It is disgraceful and outrageous that people who should protect these women and girls are attacking and abusing them.”

-Mausi Segun, Senior Nigeria Researcher, HRW.

The Nigerian President has promptly reacted to the ugly and embarrassing report. President Buhari registered his shock over it and demanded an immediate investigation on the matter.


From the report obtained from victims of these officials, some female Boko Haram refugees were drugged and raped. The report also says that as much as 37 of them were enticed with promises of a better life, marriage and money.

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With the shortage of supplies of basic needs like clothes, food and health care, these ladies easily fall prey to the deceit of the officials. Some others say they were out-rightly raped by these Nigerian security IDP camp officials.

The victims say that they were threatened by the officials to keep what had happened quiet.

As a result some have become pregnant, abandoned and discriminated against in the camp.