Introducing Gambia’s First Ever Female Presidential Candidate

Isatou Touray has always been a human/women rights activist. Early this month the noble woman announced her intention to run for the Presidency. In other words, she is the first ever female presidential candidate in Gambia.

The Gambian feminist and academic figure will be contesting against the incumbent president Jammeh who came to power in a 1994 coup.

President Yahya Jammeh is renowned for being one of the brutal dictators in the continent. Come December 1, 2016, Isatou Touray dares to run against the feared president.

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For years now, Isatou Touray has campaigned against female genital mutilation. She is one of those who fought to bring the oddity to a stop in Gambia.

In 2008, the development expert won the US State Department award for empowering Gambian communities.

Touray has said that her reason for running for presidency is to free her people from the bondage of fear and exterminate the lack of human rights.

It is on record that Jammeh is a dictator who has used his power as president to intimidate and humiliate his detractors. Not minding that she would face the same fate, the amazon says it is just about time the nation experiences freedom and development for the better.

Isatou Touray1

“If elected, I will restore the sovereignty of the people, end impunity and decentralize authority and power.”

It would be recalled as well that Touray was arrested in 2010 on claims of corruption. She was later acquitted of all charges.

Referring to President Jammeh in plain language she says, “It’s time for him to go.”

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Isatou Touray is confident and almost certain that she will emerge the next Gambian president.

“I’ve a 100 percent feeling that I am going to win because the whole population is yearning for change. There’s no home in Gambia that has not been traumatized. These are the people who are ready to change the tide.”

The above expression takes us back to the 2011 elections where ECOWAS opposed Jammeh’s victory saying that the people were “cowed by repression and intimidation.”

Africa hopes that the best man, or woman as the case may be, will merit the victory of the December election.