These Everyday Items May Be Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

Note that by ‘items dirtier than your toilet seat’, we refer to things which contain a large number of germs and microorganisms. So although they may appear clean to your naked eye, a more thorough scientific examination would show that they are far from that.

Often resulting from the places they are kept, the number of hands they go through and any other number of factors, here are some everyday items that may be dirtier than your toilet seat. We say ‘may’ because if you have been taking the appropriate precautions you probably have it all under control, if however you have not been, here is your cue to do so.

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Keyboards: Seating at a keyboard typing this article, the irony is not hard to see, but keyboards have been said to have 400 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. A 2007 stomach flu outbreak at a Washington, D.C. elementary school struck more than 100 people, and according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it may have spread through unclean computer equipment like keyboards. The increased presence of germs on keyboards is due to typing on them daily without washing hands and smearing all types of things on the surface. You should wash your hands and clean the surfaces often.

Dirtier than your toilet seat


Toothbrush: Seeing as your toothbrush goes in your mouth, we are really sorry to inform you that there may be many germs lurking on it. Brushing removes bacteria, but toothbrushes are also damp and rarely cleaned so these germs have the perfect environment in which to breed. They are also mostly housed in bathrooms and evidence suggests that flushing the toilet releases thousands of tiny, bacteria containing droplets, covering the bathroom (and your toothbrush) with nasty microorganisms. Allow your toothbrush to dry out, soak it in mouthwash to reduce the number of germs and change it regularly.

dirtier than your toilet seat

Phones and Tablets: Our phones and tablets follow us almost everywhere and they get dropped almost everywhere too. Just try and remember the last place you laid your phone down and consider that your cell phone may have 500 times more bacteria than your toilet. Reduce your exposure to these germs by cleaning your electronic screens with screen wipes or a damp, soft cloth or leaving them out of the bathroom and other unsanitary places.

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Chopping Boards: Chopping boards are a chief breeding ground for bacteria, and has 200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat. The simple reason? Raw meat. The tiny grooves which your knives leave in the chopping board also provide a nice resting ground for the bacteria. Wash cutting boards with liquid dish detergent and water.

Kitchen and Bathing Sponges: Two of the most germ-filled things in your house. They are porous and moist so germs and bacteria live and breed on them. Sponges have been said to have over 10 million bacteria per square inch, so take this advise and take yours out of the running of ‘items dirtier than your toilet seat’ by tossing them in hot water every week.