President Jammeh Sacks Ambassador To US Who Urged Him To Concede Defeat

Recent news from Gambia says that President Yahya Jammeh has sacked Sheikh Omar Faye, the Gambian ambassador to the United States.

For no clear reason at the moment, Jammeh has sacked the ambassador who happens to be one of those who have publicly requested him to step down.

Recall that Jammeh to the amazement of all granted a concession speech only to change his mind afterwards.

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Many African Heads of state have called out to the West African president requesting him to peacefully accept his loss in the last general elections.

Jammeh has slammed and rebuffed the call from the UN, AU and ECOWAS to submit to the rule of law.

The recalled ambassador has currently amended his social media profile details to “Former Ambassador”.


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Another proof of his sack is an official letter-headed document from Faye stating his vacation of office.

“I would like to inform my friends, colleagues and all Gambians that I have been recalled for home services. I will handover in line with Foreign Service Regulations (FSR).”

“At the same time, I hope and pray HE President Yahya Jammeh will likewise handover to President Elect Adama Barrow and respect the will of the people of The Gambia and the Constitution.”

“We should all work together to ensure that the peace our beloved country is known for is not compromised. The Gambian people, its history and above all God, the Almighty will judge us. Let us all side with justice and the will of our people”

Sheikh Omar Faye thanked the supposed outgoing president for the opportunity to serve Gambia. He concluded by urging civil servants and the military forces of Gambia especially, to stick to the side of patriotism and peace.